Online Canvas Orientation:


On-Campus Canvas Orientation:

  • Spokane Falls Community College
    • September 18, 2014
    • Building 2 (Library)
    • Room 206
    • 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


  • Spokane Community College
    • September 22, 2014
    • Building 1
    • Room 1220F (Located in the Tutoring Center)
    • 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

A Problem-Solving App to Manage Your Mental Health

During your quarters as an online student, you will be faced with some of the most intense time constraints and stressors than any point in your life previously. Managed poorly, stress can take a toll on you physically, mentally and emotionally. HealthyMinds is an App that can help you deal with emotions and cope with the stresses you may encounter. Watch the video to learn more about what HealthyMinds can do for you. You can also click on the image below to take you to the site!


Health and Wellness – A Top Priority at CCS Online


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Online classrooms can present unique obstacles for an instructor. This method of teaching may not present the instructor with the opportunity to observe and evaluate their student’s mental health. The warning signs of an online student could prove more difficult to discern than that of a face-to-face interaction.

Here at CCS Online we understand that extending Health and Wellness services to our students, especially Mental Health services, is vital to the lifeblood of our mission. We strive to provide our online community with information from preventive care, to managing or coping with their mental health issues. Factors that may put a great deal of stress on your online student which could lead to more serious mental health problems include unmotivated students who are not confident in their computer skills, and/or have less-stable home environments.

Here are some supportive resources to tap into:

SmarterMeasure: Please call for login information!

  • This is a Learning Readiness Indicator that we provide our online students with to help them self-assess and evaluate their readiness for online programs.

Health Clinic Services:

Counseling and Mental Health Services:



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